History of F&P Canada

Established November 1986
Property 433,700 sq m.
Combined Buildings 41,204 sq m.
1986: F&P Established
1987: First production shipments to Customer
1988: First two stamping presses 700 & 1600 tonne
1989: First Expansion of an additional 4,432 sq m.
1992: Second Expansion for Engineering & Die Maintenance, 1,710 sq m.
1993: Establish sister company F&P America Mfg. Inc.
1994: Establish R&D Division
1995: Add 400 tonne Progressive Stamping Press
Add Cold Forging Machine
Expansion of Warehouse, an additional 1632 sq m.
1996: Expansion of Welding Areas
1997: Establish sister company Dyna-mig Mfg of Stratford Inc.
Establish In-House Die Making Capabilities
1999: Add 2nd 1600 tonne Transfer Press
Add 1200 tonne Hydroforming Press
Add Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS)
Expansion of Welding Areas
2000: Establish sister company F&P Georgia Mfg. Inc.
2001: Construction of Modular Assembly Plant covering 7,803 sq m.
2001 – 2004: Addition of 4  Sinico CNC Machines
2011: Expansion of Stamping for installation of 1000 tonne press
2012: Established Sister Company F&P Mfg. de Mexico S.A de C.V.
2015: Expansion of Welding Area & P2 Assembly
2017: 3500 tonne servo press added to Stamping