• Subframes

    The subframe is the engine, transmission & front suspension support structure of any vehicle with welded components.
  • Modular Assembly

    From rear trailing arm assemblies including brake and shock absorber (knuckles) to front sub frame assemblies, our modular assembly plant allows us to provide quality pre-testing and model flexibility to meet our customers needs.

  • Link Arms

    We produce link rear suspension that plays an integral role in the handling and safety offered by the vehicle, utilizing a 100% pull test quality check on all arms.
  • Pedals

    F&P Mfg. Inc. stamps component parts, welds, paints and assembles accelerator, brake and clutch pedals for a variety of different vehicle model applications for both left and right hand drive
  • Stampings

    F&P Mfg. Inc. stamps a wide variety of component parts from a small stabi holder to stays, splashguards, brackets and bumper beams in a variety of sizes.